Passage Road area to New Passage

Current status

We have completed construction of the new flood wall at Aust Wharf Road. We have installed flood gates at the north end of Aust Wharf Road, Passage Road and at New Passage. We have installed a section of a new filter drainage system at Passage Road and raised the earth flood embankment next to it. Works to raise sections of the road to tie in with the new defences are largely complete. Improvements to existing earth embankments are in progress and set to be completed in Autumn/Winter 2023. We’ve completed works to raise existing outfall structures at Cake Pill, Chestle Pill and Cotteralls Pill. At New Passage we have completed constructing a flood defence wall.

Work planned

We’re planning final completion of works at Passage Road and re-opening the road as soon as works are handed over. At Northwick Warth we will complete the snagging and landscaping works in 2023 before re-opening the footpaths in the area


The works will reduce the risk to homes and agricultural land between on Aust Wharf Road and Passage Road from flooding, as well as improving the Severn Way footpath through the area.

Work impact notices

For information on the temporary footpath closures in this area,  see here.