Road and Footpath Temporary Closures

To deliver vital flood defences, works to construct flood ramps and associated structures meant part of Passage Road was closed until September 2023.

We have now reopened the road and therefore the diversion routes for vehicles and cyclists no longer apply. We may however have to temporarily reclose the road for a short time to complete some minor outstanding works, should this be needed the diversion route should be followed. 

We have had to close sections of the Severnway Footpath between Aust and New Passage. At the moment the footpath has been reopened. It will however likely have to close again, when the weather improves and allows drainage works to recommence. Project partners Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Councils, the Environment Agency and the West of England Combined Authority have worked together to ensure that other footpaths remain open to provide alternative routes. Should the footpath between Aust and New Passage have to be closed again full details of the diversion and closures are shown on the map images below.

Map illustrating diversion routes for vehicles and cyclists during the construction of the flood ramps and associated structures on Passage Road.

Lamplighters Marsh - temporary footpath reopening

Following recent flood defence works, we have reopened part of the Lamplighter’s Marsh Public Right of Way (PRoW) that was previously closed. We recognise the need for the community to access the full PRoW, enjoying all that the Lamplighter’s Nature Reserve has to offer. We are pleased to have been able to work in partnership with the community in reopening the Avonmouth end of the PRoW. This temporary footpath is currently operational.

Above: The temporary footpath allowing access to the Lamplighter's PRoW from the Avonmouth end.
Above: The previous PRoW closure and diversion.