South West Association of Drainage Authorities visit Severnside

On 8 May, members of the South West Association of Drainage Authorities (SWADA) were guided around the Severnside area of the project including Aust, Pilning and Severn Beach.

ADA is the membership organisation for drainage, water level and flood risk management authorities throughout the UK representing over 230 members nationally, including internal drainage boards, regional flood and coastal committees, local authorities, and national agencies, as well Associate Members who are contractors, consultants, and suppliers to the industry. The Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board hosted this South West ADA Branch Board meeting and took the opportunity to organise a tour of our new flood defences and wetlands.

Cllr Matthew Riddle, Vice-Chairman of SWADA, reflected after the tour:.

The ASEA project demonstrates the importance of strong partnership working to maximise opportunities to reduce flood risk and deliver multi-functional assets to enhance the landscape for communities around the ASEA"

For more information, head to the South West Association of Drainage Authorities website and the Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board website.